* Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5. 0Value: 5.0Flexibility: 5.0

Angie said... Pastor Ray has been a delight to work with so far and we haven't even had our ceremony yet. I was very nervous about finding the right person to marry us since the ceremony of marriage is the reason for the whole evening of celebration. Pastor Ray is the whole package when it comes to officiants, he is passionate about what he does and respectful about bringing faith into the ceremony; he really caters to what fits the couple best and was able to pick up on what we were looking for right away. He is passionate about your marriage and has great pride in his own marriage and love for his wife as well which is very reassuring. Pastor Ray brings a bit of laughter into the meeting and we felt so comfortable talking with him. He is very timely with getting back to you via email, text, phone. He has already sent us a copy of our ceremony to read over and we will work with him to tweak it and make it perfect. We cannot wait to have him marry us to start our lives as husband and wife!

Wedding: 01/08/2016 Services Used: Officiant Reviewed On: 01/25/2016

Jackie said... 
You must use Pastor Ray for your wedding! He was wonderful. My husband and I were nervous about finding the right officiant as we are a little shy and aren't overly social. We were worried we may not "click" with anyone. We read the wonderful reviews and met with him. We all chatted for a long time and knew right away he was the perfect pastor for us. He is SO loving as well as hilarious. I'm a planner and I must say he responds to emails super quickly. Love that! Pastor Ray also helped us personalize our ceremony and gave us his input. I recommend for couples to add the rose ceremony as well. Very touching. Our family and friends thought he was wonderful as well. Although our wedding is over, I would love to keep in touch with him in the future. Meet with him and you will see what I mean :)

Lori-Anne said... 
Pastor Ray was such a delight to work with. My new husband and I could spend hours talking to me about everything from religion to history topics. He made our day even more special. He is truly passionate about what he does. I am sure if we ever needed him in the future he would be right there to help us out. Thank you so much Pastor! 8/26/17


Flexibility: 5.0

Victoria said... 
Pastor Ray was wonderful. I had a major car issue the morning of our first meeting and he graciously rescheduled our meeting for later in the day. The day of the wedding, Pastor Ray arrived on time, was kind about me running late (makeup and hair took longer than expected). The ceremony that he prepared was beautiful. My wedding was everything I could have hoped for.Reviewed 7/8/17


* Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0 Jose said... We are glad to have chosen Pastor Ray to marry us. He was a lot of fun to work with. At our wedding, we didn't do a traditional march out of the ceremony, we had a dance song and we all danced out of the ceremony. We had forgotten to advice Pastor Ray about this, but sure enough looking at some videos taken at the ceremony there he was dancing his way out as well. That made our day.Reviewed 9/9/17.

Quality of Service: 5.0  Responsiveness: 5.0  Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0

Tiffany said... Hands down the best. From beginning to end, he has been the best to work with. From our first meet,to during the times of planning, rehearsal, and the day of the wedding. The main and the most important thing I cant stress is the words. Not only is he dedicated to the words that he puts in, but the feeling on how he expresses it during the wedding. This is what really drove us to him. On top of the types of ceremonies you can have at your wedding. In our case we had a hand and sand ceremony, both breathtaking. I cant say enough how this Pastor made such an impact on my life. From walking me down the isle, to standing with him on the alter waiting for my bride. Amazing, and I cant give you enough credit on how much you have done for us. Thank you for all that you do. You gave us support, encouragement, words of wisdom and most importantly you were by our side making sure we never lost sight of what we were trying to accomplish. A beautiful ceremony for the most important day of our life. And Pastor Ray gave us not only that but so much more! We are truly eternally grateful.reviewed 9/2/17

Top Quality of Service: 5.0

 Private User said... 
Pastor Ray was amazing! He dedicated every moment to making our special day a little more special. He is always there when you need him. I would suggest him to anyone.

Wedding: [Private]

Services Used: Officiant

Reviewed On: 04/09/2016

I would like you to know  about Pastor RayTand the service in which He offers. Pastor will meet with and talk over your plans and he did say that alot "who's wedding is it?" He will make, help ful thoughts to your wedding as readings and prayers inwhich we loved. He always thinking on how to make your ceremony better and make helpful hints. The ceremony at the wedding was the a great wedding in the way he handled himself and came across with powerful states of love and dedication. Pastor has a very strong attitude towards weddings and the marriage into you are entering in to. We would say hire Pastor Ray He is great.  Debby & Richard Oct27 2017.

Quality of Service: 5.0

 Marissa said... 
Pastor Ray did an excellent job working with us and meeting all of our expectations. We knew when we met him that he would be a great fit to marry us. Pastor Ray does a great job writing the ceremony for you, letting you revamp it, or ever letting you write your own. He makes necessary suggestions and provides feedback when needed. I would highly recommend choosing Pastor Ray to officiate your wedding as he couldn't have done a better job for us than what was provided.5/20/17Reviewed

Flexibility: 5.0

Private User said... 
The wedding was wonderful. What a nice man of God. Would highly recommend his services to anyone.6/10/17 reviewed

Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0

Noemi said... 
Pastor Ray is very kind and willing to work with any acomodations, from changing any part of the ceremony to making it bilingual with family members participating in the ceremony making it extra special. He was also very friendly making sure you feel comfortable with everything, since it's YOUR wedding and he wants it to be as unique as your relationship. Not to mention that he initiates and finishes the ceremony with a beautiful prayer, which we highly loved. He also included our own written vows in the ceremony (also in Spanish, just as we decided). We highly recommend Pastor Ray for your special one in a life time day!!!
Wedding: 03/31/2017
Reviewed On: 04/13/2017


Quality of Service: 5.0

 Mimi said... 
Pastor Ray was very responsive via email with my request for officiant vendors. It was within one hour of my request that he responded. When he spoke to my fiance' via telephone he was humorous, professional and receptive. Our initial meeting was lovely. He was well prepared, receptive " it is your wedding" was very open to my mother and friends participating in the ceremony as well. It will be an easy comfortable ceremony with him. We are very glad to have met him and feel very fortunate that he is available on our chosen day.

Wedding: 04/02/2016

Services Used: Officiant

Reviewed On: 10/09/2015

Your view: I found that Pastor Ray was very thoughtful, and took his time to listen to us, and got the wedding the way we wanted. thank you! Day of the wedding everything  was going wrong and once Pastor Ray arrived he saw what was going on and started to pitch in to help and the day was very special and he added to making it better thank you Pastor Ray, I recommend him and his services. Melisa. 9/1/17